Joe Biden slams the media for saying Democrats have moved ‘extremely to the left’ since 2016 and says the party’s not with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Biden added that the media falsely reported that his party “moved extremely to the left” since 2016 when, in fact, he argued, Democrats remain largely moderate. 

“You guys got it all wrong about what happened,” Biden said. 

He went on, “It’s just bad judgment. You all thought that what happened was the party moved extremely to the left after Hillary. AOC was a new party, She’s a bright, wonderful person. But where’s the party? Come on, man.”

The Democratic frontrunner also said the party doesn’t support Medicare for all, the single-payer healthcare proposal his progressive 2020 rivals are running on. Biden supports adding a public option to Obamacare — what he and other moderates call “Medicare for those who want it.” 

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